Christian Blaze: VFX Supervisor /  Filmmaker currently residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Christian has been working in VFX for the past 10+ years, in addition to producing his own projects. His strengths include; strong leadership and mentor skills, a broad knowledge of 2D & 3D software programs, a computer science / programming background, and a keen artistic eye for cinematic visual effects. Previous VFX Supervisor credits include; the 4D ride "
Fly Over Canada" at Canada Place, David Rosenthal's independent thriller "A Single Shot", Carl Bessai's "Embrace of the Vampire" (2013), and the Chinese action feature "Switch" (60 shots) starring Andy Lau. Christian recently completed VFX contract work on "Supernatural - Season 9" (23 episodes), and became a new father in early 2014 to a beautiful baby girl.

VFX Supervisor credits:
"Death Row Democracy"
Producer/Director/VFX Supervisor : Crystal Insight
Produced, directed and supervised the pilot for TV Series "Death Row Democracy".  The majority of the episode was shot against green screen in 4K and 6K using Red Epic so that sets could be created digitally in Maya.  The show's intro was released on December 21st, 2015, and contains many shots that were composited to resemble news/stock footage.

"Fly Over Canada"
VFX Supervisor : GFZ Studios
Oversaw work on over 20+ VFX shots for the major 4D visitor attraction at Canada Place.  Researched and  developed techniques to work and composite onto 180 degree "Dome" footage shot at 60fps in 4K. Footage was shot using the Phantom camera. Communicated and worked directly with Dave Mossop (director - Sherpas Cinema) and creative director Rick Rothschild (Disney).

"Christian was an invaluable player in our post-production and special visual effects process, helping to create the final media for the FlyOver Canada attraction. His creative instincts coupled with his technical expertise, easy going manner and propensity to maintain an organized course through post production was a tremendous asset."

Rick Rothschild
Creative Director,
/ Walt Disney Imagineering


"A Single Shot"
VFX Supervisor : GFZ Studios
Oversaw VFX work on the film "A Single Shot" directed by David M. Rosenthal, starring Sam Rockwell, William H. Macy and Jeffrey Wright.  The shots included screen replacement, blood enhancement, paint outs, CGI crows, sign replacements, and more.

"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Christian Blaze on my latest film A SINGLE SHOT. The film is a darkly hued dramatic thriller based on a terrific novel and while the movie is not laden with digital effects the visual effects work that was required for the film was very important. If the shots and effects were not at all transparent it would have been a huge stumbling block for the audience and have greatly detracted from the storytelling. This isn't always the case with visual effects. When we know, as viewers, that what we're watching is clearly fantasy or clearly spectacle we are much more forgiving of how this sort of work is rendered. But when what we watch purports towards realism, the angle of view becomes much narrower.

Christian understood this implicitly and the 'realism' I asked of him he delivered, and then some. In addition to the quality of work, which is always paramount, he was always on time and that too is no small feat. I look forward to working with Christian again soon."

David M Rosenthal


VFX Supervisor : GFZ Studios
Worked on 60+ VFX shots on the highest budget Chinese film to date, starring Chinese action star Andy Lau. Shots included; fluid simulations using RealFlow's hybrido system, particle simulations, Mel scripting, green screen work, lighting for Vray / Mental Ray, and more.    

"Embrace of the Vampire" (2013)
VFX Supervisor : GFZ Studios
Oversaw VFX work on all shots for this Carl Bessai 2013 remake of this classic horror film. Shots included morphs, fire Sims, wire/rig removal and more.


Additional VFX Supervision
VFX Supervisor : GFZ Studios
While working at GFZ Studios, I worked as the VFX Supervisor on various other feature film projects, including: "The Wedding Chapel" starring Emmanuelle Vaugier, Mark Deklin and Shelly Long, and A Hallmark Channel's original TV movie "A Bride for Christmas".

Other VFX work included script breakdowns & creating master breakdown sheets for feature projects, including Tyler Shields' "Final Girl" (2014) starring Abigail Breslin, various client interaction, liaison between production & VFX team, budget feedback, managing and scheduling workflow & overseeing a VFX team of 5-20 artists.


"I was fortunate to get to work with Christian while at GFZ. He is an extremely dedicated and organized VFX supervisor. He has a strong passion for visual effects, a strong understanding of the overall production process, always up to date regarding new technical challenges. His easy going nature inspires his crews to go the extra mile during crazy client requests and tight deadlines. I found him very pleasant to work with, making the production process a very collaborative one. "

Anthony Cauchy
VFX Producer 

VFX Artist credits:
"Supernatural" Season 9 (TV)
VFX Artist : Supernatural 5 Films Inc.
Worked on 23 episodes of the hit prime-time Warner Brothers/CW drama for season 9.
"Edge of War" (TV)
VFX Artist : Gloo Studios
Worked on 6 episodes of the Military Channel's series highlighting the background and events leading up to the major wars around the world. Worked on compositing various maps, lighting, background replacement and main titles using Maya and After Effects.

  "College Humor Originals"
VFX Artist : Gloo Studios
Worked on over a dozen episodes of the hit comedy web series while working at Gloo Studios. Episodes where work was primarily completed include: "Batman vs. Scarecrow" "John Mayer's Hologram" and the viral hit "Mitt Romney Style" (52+ million views)
"Incredible Crew" (TV)
VFX Artist : Gloo Studios
Worked on pilot episode of Cartoon Network's surreal sketch comedy show for teens. VFX work included n-Cloth simulation in Maya, general compositing work in After Effects.

  "The Vetala" (TV)
VFX Artist : Jove Digital
Worked on 3 episodes of the Leo & Gemini award-winning web series directed by Damon Vignale. VFX work included lighting and rendering of all 3 VFX-heavy episodes.
Personal Projects:
  "Death Row Democracy" (web series) in-production
VFX Supervisor & Director : Crystal Insight New Media
Directed & VFX Supervised pilot episode for revolutionary web series centered around the underground assassination market and cryptocurrencies. Starring Tristan Risk.  Shot majority of principal photography in green screen studio, using Nuke & Maya in post.

"Defending Maldito" (s3D short)
VFX Supervisor : Needle Eye Productions
Created multiple s3D VFX shots for this comedy short.  Shots included fire/smoke simulations in Maya and setting up s3d cameras to match s3d plates.  The short is featured on NVIDIA's

Watch in s3D here:

Watch in 2D here:
"Alien Agenda: Project Grey" (feature)
VFX Producer : Little Grey Men Productions
Produced the VFX elements on this independent sci-fi feature, currently in distribution in the USA and worldwide. Led a team of local and international artists to create the alien creatures, designed and worked on many compositing shots, and oversaw the entire production from on-set supervision to post-production, trailer and title creation.

"SPANK" (short)
VFX Supervisor : Crystal Insight New Media
Oversaw and worked on debut short film, a sci-fi drama acquired for Canadian broadcast on the CBC. The film screened at over 30+ North American film festivals, premiering at the 2003 Santa Fe Film Festival and won several awards for VFX.